How Do You Know that You Belong to Him?

Fra Angelico [Public domain or Public domain]Wikimedia Commons Recently, someone asked me, "How do you know whether you are saved?" It seemed to me this person wanted to know whether God had truly been at work in my life, and whether I was a true believer. Sometimes, when people ask this question, they want to … Continue reading How Do You Know that You Belong to Him?

Happy New Year! 2019

Read Genesis 1:14, Exodus 12:2, 2 Corinthians 5:17, and Romans 6:4 The new year is God's creation. He created the stars, the Sun, and the moon so we who dwell on Earth can discern the passing of time. God then gave Israel a new beginning. He delivered them from Pharaoh through great wonders so they … Continue reading Happy New Year! 2019