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  1. God Is Eternal
  2. God Does Not Change
  3. God Is All Powerful
  4. God Is A Spirit
  5. God Is Sovereign
  6. God Is Righteous
  7. God Is Holy
  8. God Is Just
  9. God Is Merciful
  10. God Is Love
  11. God Is Complex


  1. Jesus Is The Word of God
  2. Jesus Is The Angel of The Lord
  3. Jesus Is The Brightness of God’s Glory
  4. Jesus Is The Son of God (Part 1)
  5. Jesus Is The Son of God (Part 2)
  6. Jesus Is The Son of God (Part 3)
  7. Jesus Is The Brightness of God’s Glory (Part 2)
  8. Jesus is He Who Lives Forevermore


  1. Faith and Certainty

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