The Spirit Enables God’s People

Since Old Testament times, the Spirit of God would enter into people to direct them and enable them to do something for God, whether it was prophesying, crafting something, leading, exercising supernatural strength, gathering an army, or going to war. In Genesis 41:38, Pharaoh states that the Spirit of God is in Joseph. Pharaoh deduced … Continue reading The Spirit Enables God’s People

The Ruach in Man

Today's Lesson Read 1 Chronicles 5:26, 2 Chronicles 21:16, 2 Chronicles 36:22, and Exodus 35:21 In my previous post, I explained that the word ruach in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament, or TaNaKh) means breath, wind, and spirit. Before we continue to explore the doctrine of the Holy Spirit in my future posts, I would like … Continue reading The Ruach in Man

The Spirit of God Manifests Himself As Wind

Today's Lesson Read Acts 2:2 The Hebrew word that is often translated in the Old Testament portion of the Bible (the TaNaKh) as spirit is the word ruach, and it can mean breath, wind, and spirit. In Job 19:17, ruach refers to the breath expelled from the mouth when a human being speaks. In Psalm 33:6, it is used in the same way to anthropomorphize … Continue reading The Spirit of God Manifests Himself As Wind

God and His Spirit Speak

Today's Lesson Read Genesis 1:2 and Genesis 1:28 If we put aside everything we think we know about God, and if we then read the Bible from the beginning, one of the very first things about God that should catch our attention is that God speaks. God's power amazes us because all He has to do to … Continue reading God and His Spirit Speak

God and The Spirit of God

Lesson on Genesis 1:2 Early in the Bible, we are introduced to the Spirit of God (Genesis 1:2). We are told that God created the heavens and the earth, and then we are told that the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. Clearly, God and the Spirit of God are … Continue reading God and The Spirit of God

Jesus Is He Who Lives Forevermore

Today's Lesson Read Revelation 1:18 The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to John and declared that He is alive and that He lives forevermore, even though He once had died. He has the keys of death and Hades (He reigns over death and Hades), and therefore He can deliver anyone who believes in Him. Long before … Continue reading Jesus Is He Who Lives Forevermore

Jesus Is The First and The Last

Today's Lesson Read Revelation 1:17-18 According to John, Jesus identifies himself as the First and the Last. The significance of this title should not be overlooked, for it is a claim to divinity. In Isaiah 44:6, HaShem (Jehovah, The Father) identifies Himself as the First and the Last. The context indicates that the title The First … Continue reading Jesus Is The First and The Last