You Too Have a Calling

Last week, I was saying good-bye to one of my supervisors at my secular job. After serving the company and the youth for which it cares for some eleven years, he had decided to follow a different path (may God bless him with peace).

He is a brother in Christ, and thefore I invited him to keep up with my present series of Bible studies on the book of Revelation, He said, “I will,” and he added, “you have a calling.”

His words have stuck in my mind. It is a confirmation from another believer that I have “a calling” from the Lord, to delight in His word and to share with the body of Christ (the church) what He is teching me.

I do not want you to mistake my words. I am no prophet, and I have no special revelation from Him for you. But He has put it in my heart to explore the book of Revelation, which from my youth, has fascinated me. And I thank Him for it!

My study on Revelation has taken me to new depths in my understanding of the Scriptures, of our times, and of His great plan for those who are His. My faith has been strengthened, and I am motivated to pray and seek His will more and more.

Paul told Timonthy to stir up the gift of God in him (2 Timothy 1:6), and I know of no other way to stir up God’s gift than by giving oneself to it and using it for His glory.

Now, the things that I am writing concerning Revelation, are not new. I am sure many gifted commentators and servants of the Lord have looked into these things and written about them. But for me to read with my own eyes and understand with my own faculties, and to experience the Spirit lead me and teach me, this is for me spiritual gold.

What about you, my friend? What is your calling? How are you stirring the gift of God in you? What is motivating you to worship the Lord and pursue His will? How are you edifying others? What is God’s will for you today? Do you believe that you too have a calling?

Here is a link to my latest article on Revelation. Click on it, and at the end of the article you will find links to my other posts on Revelation. Although they are not easy reads, I hope they are a blessing to you as much as they are to me (and even more).


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