A Father Building Memories

Psalm 127:3, and Proverbs 4:3

While watching Seinfeld on Hulu, not only have I been laughing, but I have also been remembering those moments when my parents and I watched the show for the first time in the 90’s, when I was a teenager.

For better or for worse, I watched much TV as a kid and as a teenager (and I also played many video games between ages 9 and 15). Seinfeld was at some point a favorite show at home.

Watching the show gave us something to laugh at together, and now when I watch the show I remember us laughing at particular jokes in the show, I remember comments we made, and impressions I had (from time to time, I also find out what was so funny about certain things I did not understand back then).

I find myself watching the show now not only to laugh (and it is hysterical!), but also to remember. When I remember, not only do I see what I saw then, but I feel the way I felt then when I was with them: I feel a warm and happy feeling.

So today I spent some time watching TV with my son (something more age appropriate for him), and then we went outside in the snow to briefly ride a purple plastic sled (which a friend gave us). And we had so much fun! I admit, I had never ridden a sled like this before (I grew up in a tropical country).

After we came inside and were sitting in the living room, I asked my son, “Did we have fun?” And he said, “Yes, we had fun.” He had a big smile.

I grabbed him, and I hugged him tight, and I kissed him several times, and let him snuggle his face against mine. And I told him, “I want you to remember that your daddy loved you very, very much.”

I am at the point in life when I am not only building memories for my myself (for when I am old), but also memories for my son: memories that will accompany him throughout his life.

I want him to have many happy memories; I want him to remember that his daddy and his mommy loved him very much; and I want those memories to inspirte him to do the same for his own children.

May God be with you my son, every day of your life; and may He be with your children, and your children’s children. Amen.


  • What memories do you have of your childhood, and how do they make you feel?
  • What memories are you building in your child, and how will they make him feel?
  • Do you treat your child as if he/she is a gift from God to you?


I thank you, Lord, for all good and fun times I had with my parents. I thank you for the relationship I had (and that I have) with them. I thank you now for my son, for he is a gift from you to his mother and me. Whenever I see him smile, Lord, it feels me with so much happiness, I want to see his face every second that he smiles.

Give me wisdom, Lord, to lead him in your ways; to teach him to love you and your own Son, and to teach him to cherish the moments you give us together as a family.

I can’t help but wonder how much you must love us, that you gave your own Son for us, to bring in us an eternal smile. Blessed be you forever and ever.


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©2018, Marcelo E. Carcach. All rights reserved.

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