Thoughts of the Sleepless

Read Isaiah 26:3 and 1 Peter 5:7

I was sleepless for several nights because I had been pondering, perhaps due to a premature midlife crisis. But now I found that all my work, busyness, and worries had brought me to a point when I confessed to the Lord that I wish I didn’t care as much (but I don’t know how not to care, nor do I think I would be happy in not caring, for I am the way God created me to be).

I thought, No, it’s not that I wish I didn’t care, it’s that I wish I could have the peace that passes all understanding despite the thoughts I have. How happy I would be if you were with me! If you would only speak, then all these cares would not burnde me. For though I wish I were ignorant, now that I know (or at least I think I know), I would rather find peace in what I know than think myself happy and not know.

Then He showed me the error of my ways: if I wanted to hear Him, and if I wanted to have the peace that only He can give, then I should have been praying, waiting to hear from Him. Then I would have found the peace I sought, for the word of the Lord comfors, His word gives true knowledge and peace.

Questions for Reflection

  • What worries you?
  • Are you really praying in regards to what worries you?
  • If God woud answer you, would you have peace?
  • What is keeping you from praying?
  • How will you know when God has answered you?

Index of Revelation

Below are the links to my devotionals on the book of Revelation. The main purpose of these devotionals is to help the reader understand what the book of Revelation means.


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