Done with Second Kings

A little before the start of the new year, I started listening to the Bible while driving. I mainly listen to it when I drive to work and back home. I connect my cell phone with the car wirelessly, and then I play the Bible while I drive.

Because of my personal interest in studying the prophets this year, I listened to 1 Samuel, then 2 Samuel, then 1 Kings, and then 1 Kings. The next book I will be studying is Isaiah, the first book of the prophets.

Today I got done with Second Kings (2 Kings), and what at blessing it was. There are so many ideas in my mind, and areas in which I feel the Lord specifically spoke to my heart. I will have to write about them in more detail in the future.

Can you imagine, however, that there was a time when God’s chosen people had forgotten about God’s word? (2 Kings 22:8) For several years, the people had given themselves over unto idolatry and neglected reading the Bible.

Then, when Josiah commanded that God’s temple be repaired, the priest found the Law of Moses, and he gave it to the scribe, and the scribe read it to the king (2 Kings 22:10).

When the King had heard God’s words, he was vexed because he realized that Israel had failed God (2 Kings 22:10-13). They had broken the covenant God had made with them at Sinai, and now there would come upon them all the curses that were written therein.

Today, you and I have access to our bibles 24/7. Sometimes, however, we make the same mistake that Israel made: we stop reading God’s word and we forget about it, until the Lord has to bring trials on us so we remember that we need to go back to His word and pray to Him.

It is my hope that this year would be a year filled with blessings for both you and me, as we read through our Bibles, study God’s word, and remember all the good things He has done for us and the manner in which He desires us to live

How are you reading the Bible this year? How are you making it a priority in your life?

I pray that is not too late for me and for you, but that we may look forward to many years of peace in the Lord as we remember His words and obey them.

Series on Revelation

By the way, for those of you who are following my series on the book of Revelation, here is the link to my latest devotinal on it:

My Notes on Revelation 4:1, Does John’s Ascension to Have Teach the Rapture?


Father in Heaven, forgive me that I have not read and reagarded your word as I should have read it and regarded it. Like King Josiah, I want to rebuild for you: I want to rebuild my life as a temple of worship for you, I want read your word and understand it, I want to proclaim your word to others, and I want to worship you and find your mercy and grace in my life. Teach me how. Amen.


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