A Good New Year Resolution

Read Revelation 3:20

As you may know, I have been developing in Hubpages a series of devotionals on the book of Revelation. I spend a significant amount of time developting these devotionals (although you will probably notice I do not spend enough time editing them… later).

I spend a signficant amount of time recalling what I learned in college when I took a course on Revelation, and I also spend time browsing at commentaries and different views on the book.

The most enojoyable part, however, is when I am driving to work (usually a 35 minutes trip) and I can play the book so I can hear it. I have heard the book several times already, and I have also scanned the book in different versions of the Bible.

Tonight, I just finished writing my devotional on the letter to the church of Laodicea, and I am profoundly moved by Revelation 3:20.

The Lord is already standing at the door and knocking, and he is waiting for me to answer the door. He wants to have dinner with me so we can have fellowship. He wants me to open the door through repentance and zeal. Will I open the door?

I want to let Him in. I want to sit down with Him for a long time and have dinner with him. I want to get to know Him, and I want His friendship to influence my life. I figure that’s a good resolution for this year: let the Lord inside, show Him hospitatliy, spend some time with Him.

The question is how will I do this? I can tell you it will start with prayer, it will continue with profound meditation on his word, but then I’ll have to get more practical.

There are some things the Lord does not want me to watch anymore. I was looking for a show to watch the other day, and I found myself reflecting that many of the things that are on TV are not okay for me to watch: too much violence, too much sex, and too much occultism. I can sense the Lord leading me a way from these things. Lord, grant me grace to say no!

I realize that my family, my wife and my son, need to spend time with me, and time with me and the Lord. We need our devotions to be more planned, more deliberate, more intentional. I dont’ think they should be every night, but they should definitely happen on those days when I am most relaxed. Lord, grant me grace humbly lead!

I think even in the are of tithing, though I certainly don’t have much money, I should plan it so that we do not present ourselves empty-handed before the Lord, but have something to offer Him from those things with which he blesses us. Lord, multiply for your glory the little I can give for you!

As I think about this things, I realize that the most important aspects of these things are prayer and reading the Bible. This year I am listening through the history books of the Bible, and then I’ll be spending some time reading the prophetic books in the order in which they were written so I can have a clearer sense of how it all fits together.

Questions for Reflection

What about you? How will you spend more time with the Lord? How will you repent and show zeal for Him? How will you experience a closer fellowship with Him than you did before? What are some practical things you can do to incorporte Him in your daily life and your family life?

Series on Revelation

Here are several links to the devotionals I have written thus far on the book of Revelation. I find it to be a fascinating book, though definitely it takes much work to understand it. I hope these devotionals will motivate you to explore it and look forward the Lord’s return.

  1. My Notes on Revelation 1:1-8, Jesus Is Coming
  2. My Notes on Revelation 1:9-11, Jesus Speaks to John
  3. My Notes on REvelation 1:12-20, Mysteries of the Son of Man
  4. My Notes on Revelation 2:1-7, Message to Ephesus
  5. My Notes on Revelation 2:8-11, Message to Smyrna
  6. My Notes on Revelation 2:12-17, Message to Pergamos
  7. My Notes on Revelation 2:18-29, Message to Thyatira
  8. My notes on Revelation 3:1-5, Message to Sardis
  9. My Notes on Revelation 3:7-13, Message to Philadelphia
  10. My Notes on Revelation 3:14-22, Message to Laodicea

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