Happy New Year! 2019

Read Genesis 1:14, Exodus 12:2, 2 Corinthians 5:17, and Romans 6:4

The new year is God’s creation. He created the stars, the Sun, and the moon so we who dwell on Earth can discern the passing of time.

God then gave Israel a new beginning. He delivered them from Pharaoh through great wonders so they would no longer serve Pharaoh but God.

Since then, Jews begin the year by remembering how God delivered them in the past, and this memory motivates them to live for Him in the present.

Now, Jesus is our new beginning. God gave Jesus to deliver us from Satan’s hold through sin and death so we would no longer serve sin but God.

Let us therefore consecrate ourselves unto Him who saved with such great salvation, and let us walk in newness of life this year, for we are His new creation.

Questions for Reflection

  • What does it mean to walk in “newness of life”?
  • How are we God’s new creation?
  • What are your resolutions for this new year?
  • How can you edit your resolutions to refelct commitment to walk newness of life?


Lord God, thank-you for new beginnings. Thank-you for giving us days, weeks, months, and years as tools to remember your great works and salvation, and as opportunities to reconsecreats ourselves to you.

As I draft my resolutions for this new year, help me to draft them in a way that they would reinforce spiritual habits and disciplines that reflect a true desire to live for you. Amen.


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©2018, Marcelo E. Carcach. All rights reserved

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