I Started a Series on Revelation

Read Psalm 119:97 and Revelation 1:3

Before I started Christian Devotions and Bible Studies, I started writing on Hubpages. Recently, I have picked it up again, and I have posted several studies on the Messiah and on unconditional election: and now I am launching a series on the book of Revelation.

Revelation is a fascinating book that has captured my imagination ever since I was kid (and it has captured the imagination of thousands throughout history and the world).

It is a very humbling experience simply because when you start reading the book you realize that you have reached the limits of your knowledge and you still have much to learn.

Upon realizing this, instead of becoming discouraged, we should be encouraged. Long time ago, I realized that dedicating time to reading the Bible is in itself an act of worship.

So even if I can’t figure out everything in Revelation (and even if I cannot even scratch the surface of what others know about it), I will still delight myself in the process of worshipping God by meditating on His word.

My prayer is that this series would edify not only me but also others.

My first post on Revelation is called My Notes on Revelation: Chapter 1, Verses 1-8; and I also have a second post, called My Notes on Revelation: Chapter 1, Verses 9-11 (I guess I like to keep titles simple). I’d like to invite you to keep up with it.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I will continue writing about the Holy Spirit here, on Christian Devotions and Bible Studies.

Questions for Reflection

  1. How much do you think you know about the Bible?
  2. How much time do you spend reading the Bible?
  3. What is the difference between reading the Bible and meditating on it?
  4. Why is it important for you to make an effort to understand the Bible?

Prayer Sample

Lord, may you be honored every time I read the Bible. May I humbly approach your word, not to impose my views on it, but to learn what you have to say to me.


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