Jesus Is The Son of God (Part 2)

Today’s Lesson

Read 1 Chronicles 17:11-15, Psalm 2:7, Matthew 26:63, and Hebrews 1:1-2

Jesus is the Son of God. What does that mean? How can God have a Son?

In the Bible, Son of God is a title for the Messiah, or the Christ (which words mean anointed). God promised David that one of his descedants would rule forever and be a son to God (1 Chronicles 17:11-15). But how can anyone be a son to God?

Kings usually pass on their kingdom to their children, especially their firstborn son. According to Daniel 7:13-14, God will pass His kingdom unto the Messiah. In this sense, the Messiah is the heir of God, though God lives forever and does not die (Hebrews 1:1-2).

It is in this sense that Jesus is the firstborn of every creature (Colossians 1:15): Jesus was not created, but as The Creator of all things, He has the right to rule over them. Moreover, Jesus is also the firstborn from the dead (Colossians 1:18): not because He was the first one to resurrect, but because He rules over all mortals (all human beings) though He himself became a mortal.

In conclusion, that Jesus is The Son of God means that He, as the Messiah, will rule in human form from Zion over all the nations of the world (Psalm 2:7, Daniel 7:13-14).

Questions for Reflection

  1. Why is Jesus does Jesus have the right to rule over all creation?
  2. Do you recognize Jesus as God’s heir, King of Kings, and king of your heart?
  3. The Bible teaches in Genesis 1:1 that God created all things. In Colossians 1:15, the Bible also teaches that Jesus created all things. How can both Genesis 1:1 and Colossians 1:15 be true?

Sample Prayer

Lord Jesus, I believe you are God heir. You are God’s Son! You are the one whom God has anointed as King over Earth, humanity, and all His creations, for all eternity! May I live forevoere in your kingdom, redeemed by your sacrifice, forgiven by your mercy and grace. Be thou the king of my heart today and forever. Amen!


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