God is Complex

Today’s Lesson

Read Genesis 1:2, Isaiah 55:11, Exodus 33:14 & 22

God has revealed Himself to be complex. Just as humans have hearts, brains, and limbs, God reveals that there are different parts to Himself. God is a spirit (John 4:24), nevertheless there is a part of God that is called the Holy Spirit (see Genesis 1:2). God’s word proceeds from God, carries out God’s will, and returns to God (see Isaiah 55:11). God’s presence (Exodus 33:14) and glory (Exodus 33:22) are also extensions of Himself.

The complexity of God is hardly comprehensible to us human beings, nevertheless God has chosen to reveal it to us in the Bible, and with good reason. The complexity God reveals about Himself is the foundation for what God would later reveal about Himself in the New Testament: that God is triune.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Why is it important that our understanding of God’s nature be completely based on what the Bible reveals about God’s nature?
  2. What do you understand about the doctrine of the Trinity?
  3. What Scriptures would you use to teach the doctrine of the Trinity?

Prayer Sample

Lord, you are marvellous! You exceed our understanding! How great you are! How beautiful you are! I praise you and worship you for who you are.

I humbly and meekly trust your word. I trust what you have revealed about yourself. Continue to teach me more about yourself so I can continue to praise you and fall in love with you. Amen.


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