If God Is Not A Man, Can He Become One?

Dear friends,

I have seen several videos in which Rabbi Tovia Singer uses Numbers 23:19 to argue against the incarnation, the Christian doctrine that teaches that God became a man we know as Jesus of Nazareth, or The Christ (Messiah).

I wrote an article on HubPages to explain why I believe Numbers 23:19 does not support the rabbi’s view, and why I believe the Old Testament (the portion of the Bible that Jews know as the Tanach) gives us plenty of reasons to consider that God would become a man.

Due to my agreement with HubPages, I cannot republish my article anywhere else online. So I am sending you this link http://hub.me/am0Nf so you can access it.

I pray this article is a blessing to you, and I pray that it is a blessing to Rabbi Singer and the people of Israel.


Marcelo Carcach

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