God Is Righteous


Read Psalm 11:7.

God is righteous. He always does what is right (Daniel 9:14), and He never does wrong (Zephaniah 3:5). He loves righteousness; He judges iniquity; He seeks the friendship of those who are righteous. Thus, God is righteous in what He does, and God is righteous in what He loves. God is perfectly righteous.

When God created the heavens and all who dwell in them, and when He created the Earth and all who dwell in it, He created everything and all according to His own righteous character, and He gave them instructions to keep them in His righteous ways.

He created them according to His own righteous character: He did not make reference to any other standard over Him because there is no standard over Him. Righteousness stems from the character of God.


God always does what is right; He is perfectly righteous. Are you, or anyone you know, righteous as God is righteous?

Society disagrees with many of God’s standards revealed in the Bible. If society disagrees with God, who is wrong, the perfectly righteous God or society?

Read Daniel 9:7. If God is righteous and we human beings are sinners, is it right for God to judge our sins? What are we supposed to do before God’s judgment?


Forever Lord, you are righteous. You are perfectly righteous; you are infinitely righteous. All your ways are righteousness. But I am a sinner and a transgressor of your righteous Law. Transform my heart, change my mind, cause me to love righteousness so I can follow your ways; and teach me, Lord, your ways.

Thank-you for your Son, Jesus Christ, who has made atonement for all my sins, and all the sins of humankind; and who has revealed to us that you, oh righteous Lord, forgive. Amen.

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