God Is Sovereign


Read Isaiah 46:9-10 and Psalm 115:3.

When God decided to create the universe and the world, He did not have to seek anyone’s permission; when He decided to create life and humankind, there was no principle over Him to direct Him. Guided by His own eternal wisdom and infinite righteousness, He does as He pleases. There is no one or nothing over Him: God is the ultimate authority.

God’s rule over everything and all is so absolute, a bird does not fall to the ground without God willing it (Matthew 10:29). Even human volition is subject to God’s sovereignty (Exodus 10:1, Proverbs 21:1).


  • If God is sovereign, why is His creation able to rebel against Him?
  • If God is sovereign, why do people have such a hard time accepting God as Lord of their hearts?
  • What is the fate of all those who rebel against the sovereign God?
  • How can we live in harmony with God’s sovereignty? What are the benefits of this?


O God, you alone are God! There is no one like you. You are the ultimate authority, Lord and King over everything that exists.

Those who rebel against you do so to their own demise: they dwell in a land of drought, famine, and darkness; they kick against a goad.

I humbly submit to your rule, my King and my God. I recognize you as Lord of my life and of my heart. Teach me to live in harmony with your rule over me, teach me to submit to your authority throughout everywhere I find it (there is no place where you don’t rule).

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