God Does Not Change


Psalm 90:2


Psalm 90:2 does not simply teach that God exists from eternity throughout eternity; it teaches that God is God from eternity throughout eternity. This means that God has always been God and that He will always be God. God does not change.

All life on Earth has a beginning and a process of growth. Plants produce seeds, and seeds germinate. The seedlings grow and develop over time, until they produce their own seed: then they die. Animals and humans are like them: they are born, they mature, they reproduce, and then they die.

God, however, does not change: He did not evolve into divinity, He did not gradually become God, He did not develop his powers, nor did He undergo a path of enlightenment. The Bible does not support such views.

What God reveals about Himself in the Bible is that He is immutable: “I am the LORD, I change not” (Malachi 3:6, KJV), and this does not only apply to His nature, but also to His character.

God has always been God, and He will always be God. His nature and His character do not change: He remains the same forever (see Psalm 102:25-27).


How have you changed over time? How do you think you will have changed fifty years from now?

How do scientists think the Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the universe have changed over time? According to them, how will these eventually cease to be?

Why is it important for us to realize and believe that God does not change? How does this doctrine increase our faith in Him and our motivation to worship Him?


Lord, I recognize and believe that you do not change. You are God for all eternity, and I accept you in my heart and honor you as such with my life. How great you are! I recognize that I am a finite being, a mortal being: but you, Lord live forever! My faith and my trust are placed in you.

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